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2013 EMBA Courses

2013 EMBA Courses

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Required Courses Of EMBA Faculty

(Select 15 Credits of Required Courses)



Marketing Management  (3 Credit)


1st   Grade

Financial Management  (3 Credit)


1st   Grade

Strategic Management  (3 Credit)


2nd  Grade

Special Topics For EMBA  (2 Credit)


2nd  Grade

Overseas Management Studies  (1 Credit)



EMBA Thesis (6 Credit)



BM Elective Courses

(EMBA in Business Management)

IEM Elective Courses

(EMBA in Industrial Engineering and Management)

ILM Elective Courses

(EMBA in Information and Logistics Management)

EMBA students select 9 classes from the following elective courses

 And cross-class electives is limited to three classes(BMIEM three classes/ ILM four classes).

Business Research (3Credit)

Industry Analysis (3Credit )

Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management (3Credit)

Start An Enterprise (3Credit)

Innovative Product R&D Management (3Credit)

Information Management Seminar (3Credit)

Special Topics on Profit Model (3Credit)

Internet Advertizing (3Credit )

Cloud Computing and Big Data Management(3Credit)

Global  Organization's Management Strategies and Leadership Decision (3Credit)

Decision Analysis (3Credit)


Human Resource and Organization Management (3Credit)

Project Management (3Credit )


International Investment Management (3Credit)

Global Quality Management Practices (3Credit)


Service Management and Innovation (3Credit)

Global Logistics Management (3Credit)

Electronic and Mobile Commerce (3Credit)

Managerial Economics (3Credit)

Customer Relationship Management (3Credit)

Information Technology System (3Credit)

Customer Buying Behavior and Interactive (3Credit)

Manufacturing Information and Business Intelligence (3Credit)


Negotiation in International Business (3Credit)

Industrial policy and enterprise optimization seminar (3Credit)


Brand Marketing Strategy (3Credit)

Managing a Lean and Mean Business (3Credit )




  • 2013 EMBA courses
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