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To apply for admission to the EMBA program, please submit the following items:

1. Completed online application form (application form is available at the following website:  application date is from late December to mid January each year)

2. Payment of application (2000NTD)

3. Bachelor of college degree required

4. Curriculum vitae showing relevant professional experience of at least six years and leadership qualities

5. Official transcript or certified copy of grades from each previously attended university

6. Relate information should be post mail to Continuing Education Office at Taipei Tech (NTUT) by mid January

7. Interview


Please note which EMBA class (IEM or BM) you want to apply for, and both of the classes are instructed in Chinese. No examination for EMBA admission, only interview.

For more information, please e-mail and contact Ms. Karen Lee.

+886-2-2771-2171 ext. 4547


EMBA is a two year masters program

$100,000 per semester